Learning Something New



Learning new things is my jam. I always find time to learn things outside the classroom, things that I do enjoy and do on my most convenient time. This time, I chose to learn how to use Rosetta and know what the app offers.

After using this app, one thing struck me. You must have at least the basic knowledge of the Japanese language. The app uses Hiragana and Katakana for the different levels and quizzes. It has a friendly and engaging interface. Here are some screenshots of the app:

2472-rosetta-stone-japanese-lg3 543582_2 hqdefault rosetta2-560x418 rosetta-stone-japanese

The app uses visual association for easy understanding and that makes the words more memorable. It makes vocabulary easier to remember. I found it difficult to learn some words because of multiple meanings and usage depending on the context where the words were used.

Teaching How To Use Rosetta
I chose my friend Princess Carla Perez to teach what I have just learned to use, the Rosetta Stone app. I chose her because we both enjoy learning the Japanese language. Here are her comments regarding the app and the things I taught her:
1. Ang hirap gamitin kasi yung iba naka-Hiragana, Katakana at Kanji na.
2. Masaya siyang gamitin kasi may pictures.
3. May audio din para may listening part din.

We both had difficulties in learning how to effectively use the app for the reason that it assumes so much about the learner. It is definitely not for beginners but for people who already have a background in the Japanese language.

Behaviorist Dimension

The app has point system which will rank you from other people and gets rewards or coins after the game so in a sense it is behaviorist type of learning. It makes the learner more engaged and also competitive.


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