Raya School EdCamp


Photo taken at The Raya School by Robbi M. on 7/25/2012

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I am fond of attending seminars, workshops and talks because they are avenues for knowledge-hungry students like me to learn something more outside the classroom. The typical setting is that there is a speaker which mostly holds the power to discuss and share regarding the topic of choice. But in EdCamp, there are no topics set beforehand. The topics are chosen at the seminar itself. It was a very interesting way to learn new things, and also to teach what one can share. At the beginning of the camp, students and teachers alike are asked to write on a sticky paper what one already knows and what it is that one would like to learn.

Since I already know music theory, basic Japanese language and how to fall out of love, I was able to share these things that I already know. There are fascinating things that I learned like how to do different designs of loombands, basic French and Spanish and self defense 101.

Photo source: https://foursquare.com/v/the-raya-school/4c4d165ff5afa59399fdf9d6/photos


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